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      東莞市兆灃服飾有限公司始創于2002年,坐落在中國毛織名鎮—東莞市大朗鎮。公司是華南地區有規模,有實力,集設計、研發、生產、加工、銷售于一體的毛織知名企業之一 。

      現公司占地面積 10000 平方米,廠房面積 15000 平方米,現擁有五家分公司,300多名員工。主要從事各種款式毛衣的生產和出口 , 產品銷往北美 、 歐盟等國家及地區,年生產量200萬件 。 主要生產設備有 30 臺日本進口全自動電腦機、200臺縫盤機、2臺驗針機、6臺洗水機、12 臺烘干機、60臺燙位、60臺電腦平車,8套電腦打鈕機等,從而能完成高質量及高難度的生產工序,可解決大批訂單的進度及品質問題,成品交驗合格率力求在 98% 以上,年產值 1.5 億元,其中出口額1700萬美元,取得眾多客戶的信賴與支持 。

      ● 2010年10月我司也獲得多個專利認證:鋪王、水中君、佳客樂等 。

      2012年7月獲得 ISO9001 認證 。

      2012年8月我司獲得廣東省質量技術監督局認證生產產品毛衣 , 確認為采用 TWC K1 : 2000 產品 , 同時也獲得了國際標準產品標志認證證書 。

      2013年10月我司被東莞市安全生產協會認證為 《 安全生產標準會三級企業 》 ( 輕工 ) 。

      公司不斷引進先進的企業管理模式,堅持“創新、品質、高效、誠信、共贏”的經營理念,秉承“誠信經營、開拓創新、質量第一、互惠、互利”的企業宗旨,以其卓越的品質和完善的服務,崛起于毛織行業之林,全力為成就業界知名品牌夯本固基,公司熱誠攜手業界同仁鑄就“兆灃”金質品牌 。

      Dongguan City Zhaofeng Knitting Garment Co.,Ltd

      Dongguan City Zhaofeng Knitting Garment Co.,Ltd founded in 2001. is a a multi-functional enterprise specializing in research, design, production and sales in knitting garments industry. Our annual output of millions of pieces mainly reaches European and American markets.

      Our company is conveniently located in Xiangwei Area, Dalang town, an well-known knitting industry town in China and economically well-developed area with easy access of transportation.

      Substantial financial capital and superior human resource have provided strong support and a a firm backing for our company’s rapid growth. Our company covers 18000 square meters and 22000 square meters for the workshop, Our assets include a a factory and a a complete range of advanced equipments such as looms, seam-picking and finishing machines, among which are 30 Shima Seiki computerized flat knitting machines, 300 knitting machines, 180 Dial linking machines, 45 hot-bits, 4 washing machines and 8 driers. For these we have more than 500 workers in the head company.

      Known as a a mature and credit company, we are having served many brands, such as Forever 21, Arden B, Bebe, Wow Couture, Gap, Lulumari. And we also have our own brands as Aiyilin and Kasequi.

      Through innovative and highly competitive incentives, we have gathered a a large number of well-trained staff and experienced production managers, thus ensuring our company’s stable management and long-term development.

      Guided by our management philosophy of "Survive via Quality; Development via Innovation; Customers via Credibility; Efficiency via Management", we have faithfully adhere to the principle of "Customers as Top Priority, Quality Comes First". This is what we had always been practicing in the past, and this belief shall direct us in the future.

      Through persistent innovation process, our staff will continue to strive hard to present the best garments in the world in this ever changing era. We will work diligently as a a team and embrace our future with confidence.

      We sincerely welcome any opportunity to work with you. Together we will create a a win-win future.

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